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The Bvalco team is made up of experienced individuals with the credibility and people skills needed to build great chemistry with directors. Our clients say it’s our unique blend of business, governance and human behaviour expertise that makes us so effective.

James Bagge

James Bagge

Executive Chairman
James Bagge is a founding director and executive chairman of Bvalco. He is one of the leading practitioners on corporate governance issues, having spent more than twenty years advising clients on managing complicated and sensitive regulatory issues at the highest level.

“The real value of a board review is the way it allows boards to take a step back to think about how they do things.”

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Alison Gill

Alison Gill is a founding director and CEO of Bvalco. She designs and delivers external board reviews, with a particular emphasis on the human behaviour and dynamics elements that can contribute to, or undermine, board effectiveness.

“I enjoy finding a way for boards to discuss undiscussables and finding practical solutions that will help improve board performance”

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Peter Snowdon

Peter Snowdon

Peter Snowdon is a legal and corporate governance expert, with a particular interest in issues affecting financial services firms, banks and investment firms. A former partner at Norton Rose LLP, he has also worked for the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

“I enjoy helping boards translate corporate governance in to practical solutions that improve performance.”

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Eleanor Evans

Eleanor Evans is a governance and risk advisor, with twenty years experience of working at the top level of global corporate business. She has extensive experience of overseeing ethics, regulatory compliance, international trade, environment, security and risk functions.

“An effective board review gets to the heart of how the board is behaving and working together.”

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Jo Walker

Jo Walker

Operations Manager
Jo Walker is Bvalco’s operations manager, responsible for co-ordinating everything from branding and new business activities to making sure the right people are in place for each project.

“I enjoy co-ordinating people and building teams with the right mix of skills for each project.”

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