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Since Sir David Walker brought our founders together just eight years ago, Bvalco has become a reviewer of choice for many FTSE 100 companies. Primarily used by the FTSE 100, we also work with other boards such as Aim listed, subsidiary, large family and privately owned, sporting and charity boards that are committed to enhancing their ability to meet future challenges.

What some of our clients say about us…

“We found the analysis was thorough and the final report was focussed and concise, without superfluous comment. The board will put the recommendations to good use and we would be happy to work with Bvalco again.”
Charles Sinclair, Chairman, Associated British Foods plc

“Often when you go in for a board review everyone sits around the table agreeing but then the report gets put away and nothing happens. Bvalco’s recommendations were very good – substantial but not too long. One recommendation was about the need for the school to have a clearer idea of its future identity, as the reasons for someone to invest in privately educating their child today are very different from 100 years ago. The recommendation to rethink our brand values was valuable. It made the board more reflective and creative.”
Clarissa Farr, Fellow [NED], Winchester College

“We used Bvalco to carry out our board review for three years in a row. The recommendations were very insightful. Overall it made the board process more efficient and improved understanding of the respective roles of the executives and non-executives.”
Douglas Flint, Former Chairman, HSBC Group

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