Bvalco - Placing Board Effectiveness at the Heart of Organisational Success

The scrutiny of Boardroom performance in the UK’s leading organisations has never been greater. A challenging economic climate combined with a succession of high profile reports on Corporate Governance has put considerable pressure on Chairmen to ensure the Boards they lead perform.

Recognising that effective Board performance lies at the heart of sustainable organisational success, the standards in the Walker report and UK Corporate Governance Code define the important foundations of Board effectiveness.

Whilst regulatory compliance is a desirable first step, Bvalco believes that the greater challenge to optimising Board performance goes beyond simply satisfying compliance criteria. It should focus as well on the undoubted benefits derived from operating effectively as a unitary body.

Bvalco’s aim is to support Chairmen to deliver improved business performance through enhanced Board effectiveness.

"Board reviews are challenging - they require both sensitvity and integrity. Bvalco showed both combining independent professionalism with a genuine interest in the organisation's values and ambitions. For us, the Bvalco experience was invaluable in increasing our effectiveness on two levels: substantive issues were surfaced in a constructive and non-judgmental way whilst the very process increased the confidence of individual board members in contributing to the board's discussions."

Martin Hayman, Chairman, Restless Development

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To enable boards to operate at their full potential


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