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Bvalco continues to lead thinking on corporate governance and board effectiveness. Through a series of topical discussions we take a closer look at issues relevant to the Board, offering thought provoking and actionable insights.

The Role of the Board in scaling technology enabled businesses.

Colin Tenwick, Senior Advisor, Investor, Chairman and NED joined Alison Gill to discuss his substantial experience helping organisations to grow and scale. Colin discussed how Boards can approach the opportunities and challenges posed by upscaling.

The Power of Emotion (Part 4) – Reflection

How has your Board performed during the pandemic? Alison Gill explains why it is important to reflect, review and learn now from the challenges faced since lockdown.

The Power of Emotion (Part 3) – Questions

Alison Gill and James Bagge explore how the collective emotions of a Board can be affected by the interventions of individuals in the form of questions or comments.

The Power of Emotion (Part 2): Wilful Blindness & Bias

What could I know, should I know, that I don’t know? The challenge for Boards right now is asking the simple questions around diversity and inclusion to create better opportunity for all.

The Power of Emotion (Part 1) – Uncertainty and anxiety in the Boardroom

Alison Gill talks to James Bagge about how to use emotional intelligence to embrace uncertainty and channel anxiety.

Reviewing Board effectiveness through the pandemic

Alison Gill and James Bagge explore the lessons that can be learnt in terms of ‘how well prepared was the Board to deal with a crisis’, ‘what’ has been decided and ‘how’ effectively the Board and Executive have worked together throughout the crisis.

Governance Webcast (Part 9) – The Board and HR

Patrick and Ali will be discussing the shifting nature of the relationship between the board and HR

Governance Webcast (Part 8) – Remuneration in a Pandemic

Patrick and Ali will be discussing the new landscape for remuneration with renowned expert Sean O’Hare.

Governance Webcast (Part 7) – The Relationship between the CEO and the Board

Patrick and Ali will be discussing the relationship between the CEO and the Board..

Governance Webcast (Part 6) – Stakeholder engagement and its role in recovery

Patrick and Ali will be discussing current developments directors need to be aware of and thinking about.

Governance Webcast (Part 5) – The Board’s Relationship with Key Stakeholders

Patrick Dunne, chair and author of ‘Boards’, and Alison Gill discuss the board’s relationships with key stakeholders.

Governance Webcast (Part 4) – Resetting the Relationship between the Board, the Executive and the Organisation

Patrick Dunne and Alison Gill discuss how Boards can reset the relationship between themselves, the Executive and the rest of the Organisation to face the next phase of coming out of COVID-19 and beyond.

Governance Webcast (Part 3) – Building Boards Back Better

Gillian Karran-Cumberlege of Chapter Zero, Patrick Dunne and Alison Gill discuss ‘building boards back better’ and how it’s more than just about COVID-19.

Governance Webcast (Part 2) – Coming Out of Covid-19 – Getting ready

Patrick Dunne and Alison Gill, discuss how boards can start preparing for coming out of the COVID-19 crisis.

Governance Webcast (Part 1) – How boards are dealing with coronavirus

Hear what Patrick Dunne, chair & author of ‘Boards’ & and Alison Gill, CEO of Bvalco had to say on everything from making the right decisions to shifting the focus to the future.

Series 3 – Board Evaluation

In the final session Alison Gill discusses carrying out an effective board evaluation with Nigel Wallace, chair of EMD UK

Series 2 – Building Effective Boards

In Series 2 Alison Gill and Tom Bruce discuss the importance of future planning, assessing the opportune time to adapt board policies to reflect recent changes and the importance of continuing to address contentious issues through this period.

Series 1 – Directors Duties

In the first of a series of board-focused webinars Alison Gill, CEO at Bvalco and former Olympic rower joins Tom Bruce, Partner at Farrer & Co. discuss the roles and duties of directors, exploring the responsibilities and legal obligations of the board and some of the common challenges faced in meeting these.

Leading Culture Change from the Top: Part 5 of the Great Reset Web Series

The conversation explores how the most senior leaders can have an effective and sustainable impact on the cultures of the organisations they lead.

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