CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: We are now able to provide digital board reviews and support you in these ways.

Coronavirus support

During this challenging time we’re here to help.  Download our free guide to ‘Exiting coronavirus with a stronger board‘ and see below for information about our digital board review services, including crisis board review.

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‘Exiting coronavirus with a stronger board’


The measures put in place to reduce the spread of coronavirus have tested boards as never before. Decisions are having to be made at pace, with very little information about how and when the crisis might end, and existing problems have come to the fore.

Perhaps the thinking isn’t agile enough, the board lacks unity or the right people or values aren’t in place.

At such times, the board needs to enhance its ability to make good decisions and address problems to define a new ‘normal’.

This report provides insights into how you can use the ‘six elements of good governance’ to increase your ability to respond to the crisis and create an even stronger board.

Board reviews

Bvalco is now able to offer crisis board reviews to help you to review how effectively your board is working on its response and operating across the six elements of good governance: culture, roles, processes, strategy, beliefs, values.

board reviews

By conducting short interviews with the chair and directors, and observing your virtual crisis board meetings, we can provide succinct and actionable recommendations that will help you to reflect on the ‘inflight’ lessons that are important to learn as you go. And when the time is appropriate, we can conduct ‘deep dive’ reviews on the effectiveness of how your board responded to this crisis.

Crisis response board reviews

In times of crisis, it’s easy for boards to launch into problem solving without first properly defining exactly which problems need to be solved. The days of having all the facts and information required to make an informed decision are also over, requiring boards to embrace the state of not knowing and put in place fluid decision-making processes. To allow decisions to be made and constantly reviewed in light of rapidly changing developments.

At such times, the board needs to operative cohesively and focus on the shared values that unite the board behind a collective purpose, in a way that still allows for the difference of opinion and debate needed to create innovative solutions.

Our experienced team are dedicated to helping board’s to think about how they could work more effectively in a positive and helpful way.

Digital board reviews

We can now provide a digital service to allow us to still meet your desire to sustain good corporate governance while the social distancing measures are in place.

Instead of adopting a questionnaire service we are still able to offer a full board review, with our attendance of board reviews and interviews with the chairman, directors and CEO carried out via video conference or over the telephone.

As well as offering our usual high level of service to make your board fit for the future. Our full review will also consider any issues brought to light during the coronavirus crisis and provide recommendations on how to improve your crisis planning and support your ability to move forward.

To find out more about our board review services contact us.

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