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Reviewing Board effectiveness through the pandemic

by Alison Gill | 23/06/2020

As we exit the pandemic whilst some underlying business models remain strong, others will be severely challenged. In either situation there will be lessons that can be learnt both in terms of ‘how well prepared was the business to deal with a crisis’, ‘what’ has been decided by the Board and ‘how’ effectively the Board and Executive have worked together through the pandemic crisis. These lessons may be important and useful as we all move into, what is likely to be, an unpredictable and volatile recovery phase.


The Power of Emotion Series 1 – 3

by James Bagge & Alison Gill | 10/06/2020

Throughout this series of short video’s Bvalco’s CEO and behavioural expert Alison Gill discusses with Chairman, James Bagge, how board directors can use emotional and social intelligence to influence behaviour and optimise board effectiveness.

The Power of Emotion (Part 1): Uncertainty and anxiety in the Boardroom

Celebrated theoretical physicist Richard Feynman identified the most important thing science has to offer us is to teach us how to embrace doubt and uncertainty. Alison talks to James about how to use emotional intelligence to embrace uncertainty and channel anxiety.

The Power of Emotion (Part 2): Wilful Blindness & Bias

by James Bagge & Alison Gill | 18/06/2020

We mostly admit the information that makes us feel great about ourselves, while conveniently filtering that which unsettles us or conflicts with our beliefs. We make ourselves powerless when we choose not to know. But we give ourselves hope when we insist on looking. Seeing starts with simple questions: What could I know, should I know, that I don’t know? Just what am I missing here?

This is the challenge for Boards right now, confronting that which is in front of them, using this opportunity for change to start asking the simple questions around diversity and inclusion to create better opportunity for all.



Governance Webinar Series

Governance launched its YouTube channel by bringing together Alison Gill, CEO of Bvalco and Patrick Dunne, author of Boards, for a series of conversations about how Boards are responding to the coronavirus crisis and preparing to come back stronger.

4. Resetting the Relationship between the Board, the Executive and the Organisation

by Alison Gill | 18/06/2020

Patrick Dunne and Alison Gill discuss how Boards can now reset the relationship between themselves, the Executive and the rest of the Organisation to face the next phase of coming out of COVID-19 and beyond.

3. Building Boards Back Better – It’s more than just about COVID-19

by Alison Gill | 02/06/2020

Gillian Karran-Cumberlege of Chapter Zero, Patrick Dunne and Alison Gill discuss ‘building boards back better’ and how it’s more than just about COVID-19.

2. Coming Out of Covid-19 – Getting ready

by Alison Gill | 19/05/2020

In the second of a new series of conversations hosted by Governance, Patrick Dunne, chair & author of ‘Boards’, & Alison Gill, CEO of Bvalco, discuss how boards can start preparing for coming out of the COVID-19 crisis. Watch the video to hear what they had to say.

1. How boards are dealing with coronavirus

by Alison Gill | 06/05/2020

Watch the video, to hear what they had to say on everything from making the right decisions to shifting the focus to the future.

You can now read the full complimentary article published by Governance – download now.


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