Our Values

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Our Values

Clients say they like working with us because we are…


As a people business we pride ourselves on having the industry experience and interpersonal skills needed to build rapport with directors.


Clients tell us it’s our unique combination of business, governance and human behaviour expertise that enables us to deliver insights that really add value.


Even though our approach is deep and meaningful, we keep our recommendations succinct and actionable so that they can easily be put into practice


By providing the catalyst for open and focused debate, our recommendations give directors the insights and reflection time needed to drive positive outcomes


Our aim is to challenge the board to really think about how and why it is doing things the way it is, in an engaging and positive way.


“Having worked with Alison for over ten years, on the development of the behavioural module and workshops for the FT’s Non-Executive Diploma, I can highly recommend her. She offers a different and insightful perspective and is highly regarded by the aspiring and current non-executives on the diploma.”
Lesley Stephenson, Publisher. The Financial Times Board Director Programme and Governance

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