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Rapidly evolving market conditions, environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and shorter chairmen tenures mean boards cannot be static. Getting the right people on the board and focusing on the right issues is critical

An external board review can go a long way towards enhancing board effectiveness and improving the relationships between its members, but only if the insights are both pertinent and actionable.

Actionable insights

As any good chairman knows, a board review is only as good as the people involved want it to be, which is why our team is made up of intelligent yet personable people, capable of building rapport with experienced directors.

This, combined with our unique business, human behaviour and corporate governance expertise, enables us to both challenge and inspire boards to really think about what they’re doing, in an engaging and non-threatening way.

The result is deep yet actionable insights, which catalyse open debate into the best ways to boost the health of your board going forward.

“Often when you go in for a board review everyone sits around the table agreeing but then the report gets put away and nothing happens. Bvalco’s recommendations were very good – substantial but not too long. One recommendation was about the need for the school to have a clearer idea of its future identity, as the reasons for someone to invest in privately educating their child today are very different from 100 years ago. The recommendation to rethink our brand values was valuable. It made the board more reflective and creative.”
Clarissa Farr, Fellow [NED], Winchester College

An integrated approach

In addition to looking at ‘hard’ corporate governance structures, such as the structures, mandates and processes in place, we also look at ‘soft’ governance. Ranging from how the board works together to the values and culture influencing its decision-making process.

This matters because independence of mind is spoken of a lot in boards, but the values and beliefs that guide decision-making and judgments are rarely referred to. When, it’s often these elements that can have the biggest impact on a board’s readiness for the future.

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