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Key Study for PhD Research in Corporate Governance

By | 05/02/2021 in Blog posts

Nomination Committee and Strategic Value

Henley Business School

The 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code broadened the remit and empowered the strategic mandate of Nomination Committees.  Two years on, it is debatable whether Nomination Committees deliver their full potential to the board and the business within listed companies.

Nomination Committee is the least researched of all board committees and its role is often one-dimensional – to manage the director recruitment process.  There is also sparse research on committee chairs and little knowledge about the dynamics within committee meetings. 

I am seeking directors from UK fully listed or AIM listed companies for:

  • Online interview (participants don’t need to all be from same company)
    • the Chair of Nomination Committee (who is not Chair of the Board)
    • the CEO
    • the Board Chair
    • Nomination Committee members
  • Optional observation or recording of a Nomination Committee meeting
  • Optional document analysis of Nomination Committee meeting minutes and possibly Board minutes

All data collection is approved by University of Reading Ethics Committee and entirely confidential.

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