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How do Purpose led boards strike a balance between being risk adverse and being positively proactive?

By | 12/08/2022 in Blog posts

This short piece is really one which will resonate with cricket lovers, but others would be wise to give it some thought. Everything may change…

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FCA Decision Notices Issued in Relation to Carillion Plc and its Former Executive Directors

By | 02/08/2022 in Blog posts

So what can NEDs learn from this ? The key lesson is that it is vitally important to be proactive in assessing and managing risk. This means asking tough questions about the company’s business model and liquidity position, and ensuring that timely and accurate information is disclosed to investors.

Leadership and management are prone to biases, here’s how you can mitigate it

By | 30/06/2022 in Blog posts

How is it that collectively a group can be ‘…….ist’ when its component parts are not?

AI in Business: Accountability, responsibility, and informed decision-making in the boardroom

By | 24/06/2022 in Blog posts

AI is widely recognised as a game changer, offering opportunities and benefits for businesses of all sizes. But with this comes risk, and boards need to be aware of these in order to make informed decisions about where and how to use AI in their organisations.

Webinar ‘Many boards fail to understand the role and value of boards’

By | 08/06/2022 in Blog posts

‘Many boards fail to understand the role and value of boards’
Watch the replay of Alison Gill discussing Effective Boards: How to Build a Future-focused Strategic Team


By | 31/05/2022 in Blog posts

What value attaches to integrity when it comes to leadership and setting the tone at the top? There are two very diametrically opposed views on this currently.


Owning the problem

By | 10/05/2022 in Blog posts

There is a danger that a board and its constituent members, having engaged an external person to conduct an evaluation and shared with them in confidential sessions their concerns and issues, will feel that they have off-loaded the problems for another then to resolve.

Difficult decisions – the need for information

By | 13/04/2022 in Blog posts

Information for the board needs to be well presented and clear as to what it covers and what is its purpose. If the executive is looking for a decision from the board, this needs to be clear from the face of the document. Too much control can stifle innovation and fetter the ability of the board to engage in high quality debate.

Managing Succession

By | 21/02/2022 in Blog posts

Managing succession remains a challenging process, and it often takes the intervention of an independent third party with whom directors feel able to share their concerns for it to be raised and advanced.

Harnessing the power and dedication of young minds.

By | 14/02/2022 in Blog posts

Reviewing the board of one charity I had the opportunity to observe the contributions of the two youngest members of that board. Each of them was in their twenties and their vision, their insight and their maturity were remarkable. They were a real asset.

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