Succession Planning

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Succession Planning

Succession Planning

We can help you to consider the skills your board needs and its approach to boardroom succession planning.

Board succession planning done well positively impacts share price and the morale of the board. Done badly it has the reverse effect, damaging share price and stakeholder confidence.

As an independent board services consultancy, we do not offer recruitment services. However, we can help you review your succession plan and skills matrix without agenda, and support you to build the right board for the future.

Succession planning is a dynamic process, led by the Chair and supported by the Nomination Committee and preferably involving other board directors and stakeholders. It’s not just about the right people with the right skills, but rather the most effective way to end NED roles and bring new ones in.

Our approach considers:

  • The needs of the board
  • Facilitating straight forward conversations about the right time and right way for directors to transition
  • Creating or updating skills matrices
  • Encouraging diversity and overcoming bias
  • Establising the behaviours needed to succeed

If you’d like to arrange a time for us to call you to discuss your succession planning needs and how we can help, please email with your availability, or download our Board Services brochure.

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