Director Coaching

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Director coaching

Director coaching

Boost the effectiveness of your board when you give directors the opportunity to develop themselves and their ability to interact with one another.

The expectation on directors to get their oversight of an organisation right and to make the right decisions at the right time, has never been greater. Being a non-executive director (NED) is a career in its own right.

We live in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, making the role of non-executive director more important and challenging than ever before.

More than ever, board directors are finding the need to keep developing to stay abreast of contextual changes (like the pandemic) that impact the role of the NED. With major contextual change comes the demand for new knowledge, skills and understanding. It can be lonely being a NED or a chair. A coach provides a safe space in which to consider how best to approach dilemma’s, how to develop in the role and how to lead as a successful NED or chair.

Expert development

As a behavioural psychologist and lead tutor for the FT’s award-winning Non-Executive Director Diploma, Alison Gill is particularly well placed to help NEDs improve their performance and effectiveness and support all directors to develop the human and emotional intelligence needed to achieve their full potential.

Alison and her team can also help to develop the board as a whole, with a programme of coaching to enhance both their individual and group effectiveness.


Vertical development

Designed to stretch thinking capability and the ability to think in more systemic, strategic and interdependent ways

Whole person development

To unlock dormant potential through development based on physiology, emotions, cognition, maturity, values, behaviour and impact

Group development

To help the board enhance its leadership and team working skills as a whole

financial times board programme

“Alumni tell us that Alison Gill’s module for the FT Diploma, on exploring effective board behaviours, is one of the most challenging but rewarding parts of the course. Ali is very personable in her approach and is exceptional as a non-executive coach and facilitator.”
Jenny Fazakerley, Head of Board Director Programme UK, Financial Times

To discuss the opportunities for developing your board or individual directors, please email with your availability, or download our Board Services brochure.

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