Culture Change

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Culture Change

Culture Change

The board has a vital role to play in setting the culture, and therefore the behaviours, of the whole organisation

In order to manage culture, you need to know precisely what culture is, how it works, how to measure it and how to improve it.

The culture of the board drives the culture of the organisation, which in turn determines how things get done. So, if you need the business to become more agile, productive or innovative, the board has a vital role in setting the culture to achieve this.

There are many definitions of culture. Many say it is the shared values, assumptions and beliefs that shape how things get done in an organisation. Another way to think about culture is that culture is determined by the patterns of behaviour that are encouraged, discouraged and tolerated by people and systems over time.

As the top team, the board has a responsibility to think about culture and its role in influencing, driving and communicating this. Not least because you can have as much strategic intent as you want, but if you haven’t got the culture needed to deliver this, you will be unlikely to be successful. Hence why it is said that ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast!’.

Changing the culture

As human behaviour and boardroom experts, Bvalco can help you consider the culture of the board; identify the role of the board in the culture of the organisation; identify the right tools to measure the culture of your board and your organisation, identify the values needed to drive the right behaviours and facilitate the development of programmes of cultural change.

  1. Define the required culture
  2. Actively understand the current culture
  3. Develop a rigorous culture plan
  4. Create metrics to measure and monitor culture
  5. Gather evidence and refine approach

If you would like to discuss the opportunities for measuring or changing the culture of your organisation and equipping directors with support to do this, please email to set up a free meeting with Alison Gill, or download our Board Services brochure.

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